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banga easily eradicate itself 2017

Omo, dis December Ehn!I remember in 2013, when our Ex President, Mr Ebele jonathan tried to eradicate banger but he failed. This year, our president, Mr Buhari did not even say anything,Banger just jejeli eradicate itself How can 1 sound, be 40 naira??? For what?Any pikin dat ask me for banger ehn if i give am 1 slap, 10 sounds go dey sound for him/her head. I haven't been myself since moring when i heard my neighbour's son saying,Capital letter 1small letter 1Capital letter 2small letter 2Schools fees wastedThem for use the fees do MMM!
Thank's for reading my article banga easily eradicate itself 2017
Created at 2016-12-28 05:02:22
Tags: Funny

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