[story]The Girl On the Train

An unreliable narrator, mostly because she's always drunk and drowning he sorrows, tells most of this thriller/mystery. Rachel, recentlydivorced and fired from her job, drinks to pass the day. She has seensomething but because of her groggy and befuddled memory, she can't clear up what she might have seen or who she might have seen. She wants to be good, she wants to be sober, she wants love, but misery overtakes her day after day. This is a mystery but also a study on who we are and whether we know the people we live with. Exciting and new.======The staple of a good mystery is laying out all facts as honestly as possible in front of the reader and letting them run amok all over the misleading traps laid by the story. This is sadly not the case here. Rightbefore the climax, author pretty much goes like "You know all the facts I told you in the entire story? Yeah, I lied. Here are some new onesoutta nowhere just for shock value. Gotcha!". It feels cheap for a mystery, and apart from the last few chapters in the book, it doesn't do a good job at being a thriller either. The unreliable narration trick has been tried with great success before (see Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd), but this unfortunately is not one of them.

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The Girl On the Train

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