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36 States In Nigeria And There Zip Codes

It is not advisable filling wrong Zip codes especially when purchasing stuffs online. if you do during the delivery there may occurs some location errors.
This zip code is not in anyway different from the postal code only that in Nigeria and other countries we use the postal code while US use the Zip code but all are the same.
The zip code which stands for "Zone improvement plan code " is used for mailing and delivery when you purchase stuffs online. In this post am going to show you The 36 states head offices zip code though every community and Local government have their ow zip code but let discuss the major head offices in Nigeria and their zip codes.
36 States In Nigeria And Their Zip Codes
ABIA, Umahia. ----> 440001.
Adamawa, Yola----> 640001
Akwa Ibom, Uyo----> 520001
Anambra, Akwa----> 420001
Bauchi ----> 740001
Bornu, Maiduguri----> 600001
Delta, Asaba----> 320001
Ebonyi, Abakaliki----> 840001
Edo, Benin----> 300001
Enugu----> 400001
Imo, Owerri----> 460001
Jigawa, Duste----> 720001
Kaduna----> 700001
Kano----> 800001
Kastina----> 820001
Kebbi,Bernie Kebbi----> 860001
Kogi, Lokoja----> 260001
Kwara, Ilorin----> 240001
Lagos, Mainland----> 100001
Lagos, Island----> 101001
Niger, Minna----> 920001
Ogun, Abeokuta----> 110001
Ondo, Akure----> 340001
Osun, Osogbo----> 230001
Oyo, Ibadan----> 200001
Plateau, Jos----> 930001
Rivers, Port-harcourt----> 500001
Sokoto----> 840001
Taraba, Jalingo----> 660001
Yobe, Damaturu----> 320001
Abuja----> 900001
So when next you are filling online forms hope you know what to write as your Zip or postal code.

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36 States In Nigeria And There Zip Codes

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