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1.Churches should please endeavor to mount projectors so that song lyrics could be displayed for most people who murder songs

So this girl sat beside me in church and was singing...

"Owerri to Calvary he went for me, he went for me.... He died to sell me free"........ as if that wasn't enough she now sang....
"Jehovah is your name, Jehovah is your name, 19 warriors, 8 in battle, Jehovah is your name..
2.My fear for weed
Started when I saw
My friend's father dabbing
For Don moen's song
3.A girl visited a doctor to complain about her private part does not grow hair anymore, de doctor ask about de type of work she does, she replied prostitution, de doctor laughed and said have u ever seen a busy road growing grass before??
4.I never believe that d country is hard until I saw a man this morning using anointing oil to eat bread...
kukuma kill me
5..Be Informed!!!
A girl just died after dabbing.
Doctor's report: she died because of the odour from
her armpit.
6.They will steal someone's phone that he bought for
The person will now say "is not the phone dat pain me
it's the
Sim Card " of 100 naira!
Iffa tear you slap ehh, ur ancestors will feel dizzy
7.Naija girls you pple can not kill us oh
At first you girls liked guyz with
•Six packs
( all boys being do situp fo gym)
•then beards
(guys being hustle beards like foreign currency..
Both with spirit and cray fish.
•Guyz with Height
(Boys begin eat beans lol)
•Now its Guys with pink lips abi
My naija brothers now don dey leave teeth now
dey brush lips ..
Very soon you girls we say you like guys that can't BREATHE

Thank's for reading my article Lolzzzzzz
Created at 2016-12-20 08:21:23
Tags: Funny

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