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A boy With his female teacher and headmaster

House of Laughter A female class teacher was avin a problem with a boy in ar class in primary 3 The boy said,"Madam i should be in primary 4 am smarter dan my sista who is in primary 4.... The madam had heard enough and she took d boy to d principal. The principal decided to test the boy with primary 4 questions...... Principal:3+3? Boy: 6 principal : 6+6? Boy: 12 The boy get all d questions right the principal told the madam to take d boy to primary 4 immediately. The madam decided to ask her own question the principal agreed... Madam: What does a cow av 4 dat i av 2? Boy: Legs. Madam: What is in ur trouser dat i dnt av ? Boy: Pocket. Madam: What is it dat start with C and ends wit T, is hairy, oval, delicious and contains thin, whitish liquid? Boy: Coconut. Madam: What goes in hard and comes out soft and sticky? *The principals eyes opened really wide, but b4 he could stop d answer, the boy was taking charge.* Boy: Bubble gum. Madam: U stick ur pole inside me. U tie me down to get me up, i get wet b4 u do? Boy: Tent. *The principal feeling restless.* Madam: A finger goes in me. U fiddle wit me wen u ar bored. The best man had me first?. Boy: Wedding ring. Madam: I come in many size. Wen I'm nt well, i drips. Wen u blow me u fills good?. Boy: Nose. Principal: O my God.8) Madam: What start wit F and ends wit K, and if u dnt get it u will av to use ur hand? Boy: Fork Madam: Wat is it dat all men av, but longer dan each other. The pope's doesn't use his, a man give it to is wife after wedding? Boy: Surname. Principal: Chinekeme!!:( Madam: Wat part of the man as no bone, filled wit vein, use for making love? Boy: Heart. Principal: Eeeeeh!! :O:O Madam send this BLOODY boy to the universities... I myself got all the answer's wrong............;):D:D:Plols
Thank's for reading my article
A boy With his female teacher and headmaster
Created at 2016-12-12 15:06:34
Tags: Funny
A boy With his female teacher and headmaster

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