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I No Fit Laugh oo..

I no fit laugh ooooo!!!!!!!!! Assuming u wake up one morning and while preparing to brush ur mouth, u discover that all ur teeth hv turned 2 pure GOLD, let's say (24 carat or so); you then went to a dentist who confirms to u that each teeth is worth #15 million Naira in d market. How many teeth will u ask d dentist to remove 4 sale? Send to your friends and get funny answers but pls reply me first.

Thank's for reading my article I No Fit Laugh oo..
Created at 2017-01-20 22:42:49
Tags: Funny
I No Fit Laugh oo..

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Comments: I No Fit Laugh oo..
2017-02-12 10:58:18


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2017-02-20 02:48:02

i will just sell 4

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